• KDS-B03 with software preinstalled is all in one and plug and play device, and it is secure, affordable, capable and quick and easy to deploy for Single-or multiple-screen/multiple zone solution. KDS-B03 With built in HDMI outputs functions as standalone or networked device and it is the ideal solution for Out-of-Home Digital Media that is allowed you to control your screens remotely. KDS-B03 supports most of popular media formats that automatically recognizes the file format of the video or image file you want to play



Main Features

  • HDMI output interface: 1port
  • USB interface: 1port
  • SD card socket: 1port
  • Audio output socket: 1port
  • High definition, maximum decoding : 1080p. HD point to point




Technical Specs

  • Support mixed playing video, and image
  • Support full format HD video decoding and1080P real HD display